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Monday, September 29th Monday, September 29th

The Government will discuss the draft budget amendment already posted on the website of Ministry of Finance

Crime Prevention Week

Romania has received Norwegian funds to carry out a program for preventing and combating HIV/AIDS

Eugen Preda, the first CEO of Romanian Radio, would have celebrated today his 85th anniversary

29.09.2014 18:38
Friday, September, 26th Friday, September, 26th

* Romania wants to work with China in infrastructure projects

* European Commission considers that Romania has not taken appropriate steps to protect citizens from fine particles pollution

* The Swiss Ambassador in Romania spoke about the problems faced by foreign investors in our country

26.09.2014 18:31
Thursday, September 25th Thursday, September 25th

* Customs Directorate General signs a cooperation protocol with three large tobacco companies in Romania
* Foreign Minister Titus Corlatean condemned the beheading of a French citizen in Algeria
* Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs repatriated a group of Romanian citizens from Syria
* Cluj Napoca is preparing to become European Cultural Capital in 2021

25.09.2014 16:21
Wednesday, September 24th Wednesday, September 24th

Territorial health insurance house will no longer issue certificates

Seven new drugs will be put on the list of compensated and free of charge drugs

Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra on the stage of the International Festival of Radio Orchestras

24.09.2014 18:58
Tuesday, September 23rd Tuesday, September 23rd

* Press freedom under debate at Romania's Parliament Palace

* President Traian Băsescu signs into law a fiscal amnesty for the retired, mothers and civil servants

* Romanian unemployment figures

* Romanian Defence Minister under scrutiny

23.09.2014 17:35
Monday, September 22nd Monday, September 22nd

PMP leader Elena Udrea files candidacy for Romania's presidency

Presidential candidates contested

Under scrutiny: Romania's justice reform and fight against corruption

Head of Romanian Boxing Federation involved in a DNA enquiry

22.09.2014 17:50
RadiRo Festival: the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra played Enescu's  Rhapsody No.1  RadiRo Festival: the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra played Enescu's Rhapsody No.1

Saturday, September 20th , at the Romanian Radio Hall, has been inaugurated the 2nd edition of the International Festival of Radio Orchestras – RadiRo , the only musical event in Europe dedicated exclusively to radio symphony ensembles, organized by Radio Romania .

22.09.2014 13:34
Friday, September 19th, 2014 Friday, September 19th, 2014

* Romania ranks third in the EU regarding the number of those who have learned to do business in other countries
* The Romanian delegation has last discussions with the IMF representatives on the future budget amendment
* Romania's wine production is 25% lower this year

19.09.2014 19:42
Thursday, September 18th Thursday, September 18th

* Romania's Education Minister may be dismissed
* Romanians should receive medical treatment abroad, CNAS says
* Opening of Gaudeamus Textbook Fair in Bucharest

18.09.2014 13:20
Wednesday, September 17th Wednesday, September 17th

  • The Foreign Intelligence Service says that none of the presidential candidates is an officer of the Service
  • Romanian-US military exercise
  • TAROM flights schedule back to normal

17.09.2014 18:32
Tuesday, September 16th Tuesday, September 16th

Report favorable for the migration of local elected officials

László Tökés supports the autonomy of Székely Land

Press conference dedicated to the International Festival of Radio Orchestras - RadiRo

16.09.2014 18:05
Monday, September 15th Monday, September 15th

* UDMR will finish this week collecting signatures for Kelemen Hunor’s candidacy to the Presidency of Romania

* Spontaneous strike at TAROM

* A new landslide occurred in the Danube Gorge

15.09.2014 16:00
Friday, August 1st Friday, August 1st

Dear readers, in August, the news service in English will be unavailable. Thank you for your understanding and we are waiting for you in September, with more information and interesting news!

1.08.2014 17:10
Thursday, July 31st Thursday, July 31st

OTP Bank Romania has purchased Millennium Bank Romania

Unemployment in Romania in June was 700,000 people

Romanian police missions in Paris and Amsterdam

31.07.2014 16:16
Wednesday, July 30th Wednesday, July 30th

* PSD National Council designated Victor Ponta as candidate for Romania’s Presidency

* Romania has won a gold medal and three silver ones at the International Chemistry Olympiad

* The underground economy, equivalent to almost a third of GDP

* Collaboration between Romanian and Dutch police to combat theft in Amsterdam

* Inspectors from the U.S. and Romania perform an observation flight over Russia and Belarus

30.07.2014 17:30
Tuesday, July 29th Tuesday, July 29th

National Anthem Day is marked across Romania

The Government will make budget rectification

Foreign Ministry requires clarification on army mobilization by Kiev

Romania will send police and rule of law experts to Ukraine

29.07.2014 17:16
Monday, July 28th Monday, July 28th

* A mayor before Romania's DNA

* Health care contribution not expected to rise, Health Minister says

* Protests of Ukraine's Romanian ethnic minority

* Orange Code warnings extended

29.07.2014 11:07
Friday, July 25th Friday, July 25th

* Bucharest authorities will develop a campaign to promote Romania as a safe tourist destination

* Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán will attend the Summer University in Bǎile Tușnad resort

* Loans for companies and population rose in June by over 600 million lei

* Drivers transporting hitchhikers could get fines between 1000 and 5000 lei

25.07.2014 18:58
Wednesday, July 23rd Wednesday, July 23rd

*Romanian court verdict delayed

*Romanian Senator Ioan Ghișe turns independent

*Eight Romanians dead following a car crash in south-eastern Spain

*Bucharest Police chief released from job

23.07.2014 17:49
Tuesday, July 22nd Tuesday, July 22nd

* Liberal National Party (PNL) and Liberal Democrat Party (PDL) form "Christian-Liberal Alliance PNL-PDL"

* Victor Ponta: Romania will support any measure taken at international and European level after the disaster in Ukraine

* ExxonMobil Romania and OMV Petrom have announced the beginning of drilling at Domino-2 well

22.07.2014 17:32
Monday, July 21st Monday, July 21st

* Romania's PNL and PD-L parties may get 30 percent of the votes in parliamentary elections, INSCOP survey shows

* Merger announced between PD-L and PFC parties

* ANI ruling in a corruption case involving a former ICCJ judge

* The Reading Garden opens in Bucharest

21.07.2014 17:50
Thursday, July 17th Thursday, July 17th

*New unified party of the right will be called the National Liberal Party

*Public Tender for leasing 1,000 kilometers of railways

*Belgrade can count on Bucharest’s support

*We want Romania to be the best advocate for Serbia's EU accession (Aleksandar Vucic)

17.07.2014 17:44
Wednesday, July 16th Wednesday, July 16th

* Romania wants to keep the position of European Commissioner for Agriculture

* Péter Szíjjártó: The market in Romania has a major importance for Hungary

* In Romania, tax evasion has reached a level that jeopardizes national security

16.07.2014 11:55
Tuesday, July 15th Tuesday, July 15th

*Women from Romania’s southern areas will be counseled and assisted to find a job

*Romanian Postage Stamp Day

*"Romanians and the Great War" photo documentary exhibition opens in Milan

15.07.2014 16:44
Monday, July 14th Monday, July 14th

* Romanian President Traian Băsescu calls for a review of current local administration law

* More than 80 Romanian nationals back home from Gaza

* Tax evasion cases under investigation

* Romania sees a FDI surge

14.07.2014 16:46
Friday, July 11th Friday, July 11th

Crisis Coordination Cell activated to provide consular assistance for Romanians living in Gaza

Chevron halts work on shale gas exploration in Pungesti, Vaslui County

An oil spill appeared in the Black Sea, near the breakwater in Constanta

11.07.2014 20:18
Thursday, July 10th Thursday, July 10th

For several years, UNICEF Romania involves in the prevention and reduction of school dropout

The annual inflation rate reached a new historic low

Recommendations for Romanians who go on holiday

10.07.2014 20:44
Wednesday, July 9th Wednesday, July 9th

* Romanian President's younger brother and his alleged accomplice remain in custody, court ruled

* Romania's PM in alleged talks with UDMR leaders

* Hundreds of 112 emergency calls in Romania's western Arad county

* Police raids for alleged tax evasion

9.07.2014 17:44
Tuesday, July 8th Tuesday, July 8th

* Victor Ponta admitted that he will most likely be the candidate for the presidential elections on behalf of PSD, UNPR and PC

* Police officers suspend the protests announced for today

* The number of young people affected by neurological diseases has increased in the last 20 years

8.07.2014 17:52
Monday, July 7th Monday, July 7th

* 365,000 Americans are of Romanian origin, but the actual number could exceed one million

* Police officers will protest in front of the Ministry of Interior

* Reception hosted by the American Embassy in Bucharest on the National Day of the United States

7.07.2014 17:20
Friday, July 4th Friday, July 4th

* The most economic tram in the world was built in Arad

* Repatriation operations of the 20th Infantry Battalion Black Scorpions in Afghanistan are ongoing

* Romanian Senate ratifies EU Association Agreements for Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia

4.07.2014 13:49
Thursday, July 3rd Thursday, July 3rd

*Joint press conference with the Romanian foreign minister and Italian ambassador

*Romanian Government has approved the proposal to organize the first annual conference "Romanian Language in the World"

*Romanian military ends its combat missions in Afghanistan

3.07.2014 16:25
Wednesday, July 2nd Wednesday, July 2nd

*Prime Minister Victor Ponta welcomed the re-election of Martin Schulz

*NSA received a judicial warrant to intercept communications in 193 countries, including Romania

*July 1st brought a number of changes in utility tariffs paid by the population

2.07.2014 18:37
Tuesday, July 1st Tuesday, July 1st

*Discussions organized by Minister Delegate for Energy

*The minimum wage reaches 900 lei

*Number of unemployed reached almost 720,000 in May

*Violinist Alexandru Tomescu will be awarded the Star of Italy with the rank of knight

1.07.2014 17:50
Monday, June 30th Monday, June 30th

*Fate of UNPR MP Titi Holban still under question

*Former Mehedinți county chief remains in custody

*Alleged PM's involvement in Mehedinți county chief corruption case prompts resign call

*Romanian regions under yellow code of stormy weather

30.06.2014 18:29
Friday, June 27th, 2014 Friday, June 27th, 2014

* Mircea Diaconu is the only Romanian MEP in ALDE Group of the European Parliament

* Romania and Turkey welcomes the signing, which will take place in Brussels, of the EU Moldova Association Agreement

* The 3rd edition of the annual Forum of the Danube Strategy opened in Vienna

27.06.2014 17:57
Thursday, June 26th Thursday, June 26th

* Prime Minister and Defense Minister attend public ceremony dedicated to the National Flag Day

* Ioan Rus is the new Minister of Transport

* Hidroelectrica Company puts on sale 27 small hydro plants

* Ministry of Tourism will support associations in joint projects in a given geographical area

26.06.2014 16:34
Wednesday, June 25th Wednesday, June 25th

* Chief of Romanian PM's Office before DNA

* DNA chief sues Antena 3 TV

* Ioan Rus expected to become Romania's new transport minister

* RRA's "Metamorphosis" wins NYF Radio Awards' Silver Trophy

25.06.2014 18:55
Tuesday, June 24th Tuesday, June 24th

* Prime Minister Victor Ponta files a complaint against President Traian Basescu at the Constitutional Court

* The Senate has passed the Government's draft of cutting down Social Insurance Contribution by 5 percentage points

* 'Vier Pfoten' Foundation demands ceasing the killing of stray dogs

24.06.2014 16:35
Monday, June 23rd Monday, June 23rd

* Sanitas trade union federation leaders had talks with Health Minister

* Romanian citizens may receive passports at place of residence

* Romanian and Israeli Governments meeting


23.06.2014 20:20
Friday, June 20th Friday, June 20th

* Romania's exports reached a record high last year

* Minister Delegate for Romanians Abroad asked about the health of Romanian assaulted near Paris

* Romania still has a low purchasing power

20.06.2014 18:24
Thursday, June 19th Thursday, June 19th

* Prime Minsiter Victor Ponta requires strong punishments in the case of young Roma from Romania lynched on the outskirts of Paris

* American tourism industry campaign to lift visas for Romanian and Polish citizens

* Romani Criss representatives require integration of Roma who choose to live in France

19.06.2014 20:29
Wednesday, June 18th Wednesday, June 18th

*Romanian Government approves draft law on social security tax cuts

*Simple motion of Romanian Liberals and Democrat-Liberals

*Romanians' opinion on immigration

*Romanian MEP Mircea Diaconu contested

18.06.2014 17:00
Tuesday, June 17th Tuesday, June 17th

* June 16th Anniversary: new RADOR, old RADOR. A subjective history

* Ovidiu Miculescu reappointed as head of the SRR

* 150th anniversary of Romania's Senate

* Non-stop medical services on SpitalOnline.ro

17.06.2014 17:58
Monday, June 16th Monday, June 16th

* Government will list on the stock exchange 51 percent of Electrica Company

* EU funds absorption has been below expectations in the first five months of 2014

* Over 300,000 foreigners have visited Romania in the first three months of 2014

* 44 radio theater productions from 21 countries are presented in Bucharest

16.06.2014 18:02
Thursday, June 12th Thursday, June 12th

* Final meeting of Romania's government officials and international creditors

* Inflation figures as provided by INS

* "Romania has no international obligation of allowing territorial autonomy on ethnic criteria"

12.06.2014 14:14
Wednesday, June 11th Wednesday, June 11th

* Romanian-Belgian meeting at the level of Foreign Ministers

* Army modernization was the topic of discussions between Mircea Dusa and Claude France Arnauld

* Romania has significant energy resources, especially natural gas resources

11.06.2014 13:37
Tuesday, June 10th Tuesday, June 10th

* NATO will not open new military bases in Romania

* Representatives of Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) and National Liberal Party (PNL) continue negotiations on merger project

* Estimates of the National Institute of Statistics

* "Romanian Energy Day" Conference in Brussels

10.06.2014 16:30
Friday, June 6th Friday, June 6th

* Mircea Dusa and Chuck Hagel visited USS Vella Gulf

* Romanian population decreased

* Prime Minister Victor Ponta met with the American Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel

6.06.2014 18:54
Thursday, June 5th, 2014 Thursday, June 5th, 2014

* The American Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, arrives in Romania

* Convergence Report published by the European Commission

* Employees in the public system will receive holiday vouchers

5.06.2014 17:55
Wednesday, June 4th Wednesday, June 4th

* Minister of National Defence, Mircea Dusa, claims that NATO must intensify its joint exercises

* The American cruiser USS Vella Gulf arrived in the port of Constanta

* Romania has one of the most powerful and advanced veterinary services in Europe

4.06.2014 18:32
Tuesday, June 3rd Tuesday, June 3rd

* Klaus Johannis considers running for the Presidency of Romania

* Defense Minister Mircea Dusa attends NATO meeting

* Parliament has began the procedure for replacing members of the Board of Directors of the Public Radio

3.06.2014 18:32
Monday, June 2nd Monday, June 2nd

* Klaus Johannis is the interim President of National Liberal Party

* Democratic Liberal Party and National Liberal Party reaffirm desire to merge

* Evaluation mission on preemptive loan agreement continues in Bucharest

* The new package of healthcare services considers preventive care

2.06.2014 18:50
Friday, May 30th Friday, May 30th

* Switzerland has extended until May 31, 2016 labor market restrictions for Bulgarians and Romanians

* Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Thorbjørn Jagland, arrives for a visit in Romania

* Defense Minister, Mircea Dusa, said that Romania will withdraw its combat forces from Afghanistan

30.05.2014 18:54
Thursday, May 29th Thursday, May 29th

* Final results in Romania's European elections

* Military and religious celebrations on Romania's Memorial Day

* Head of Cluj County Council detained

* Protests in the Romanian Black Sea port of Constantza

29.05.2014 13:11
Wednesday, May 28th Wednesday, May 28th

* Final results of Romania's EU elections expected

* PNL - PD-L talks

* Fate of Romanian Senator Marius Isăilă still under question

* Romania expected to attend BookExpo America international fair for the first time

28.05.2014 18:41
Tuesday, May 27th Tuesday, May 27th

* Preliminary results in Romania's EU elections

* Romania's President goes to Brussels

* Romania, home of one of the world's fastest internet speed

* New HBO TV series in Romania

27.05.2014 18:37
Monday, May 26th Monday, May 26th

*The first electric train manufactured in Romania circulated between Craiova and Bucharest

*The Pentagon confirmed the visit to Romania of the American Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel

*The short film "It Can Pass Through the Wall" won a special jury mention, at Cannes Film Festival

26.05.2014 17:39
Friday, May 23th, 2014 Friday, May 23th, 2014

* Romania sent humanitarian aid for flood victims in Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

* Romania participates in a military exercise along with other NATO forces, in Germany

* Romanian Foreign Ministry informs its citizens that the central and eastern Croatia is affected by heavy floods

23.05.2014 18:16
Thursday, May 22nd Thursday, May 22nd

* The visit by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Romania

* Payment period of the so-called ‘pole tax’ expires at the end of the week

* Reading Marathon celebrating 100 years since the beginning of World War I

* Over 100 works of art can be seen at the first edition of the international exhibition Art Safari

22.05.2014 13:52
Wednesday, May 21st Wednesday, May 21st

* U.S. Vice President Joe Biden praised the progress made by Romania in recent years

* Over 300 Romanian troops participate in an extensive drill organized by the U.S. Army at two training bases in Germany

* A total of 27 parafiscal tariffs and fees are removed by the Government

21.05.2014 15:59
Tuesday, May 20th Tuesday, May 20th

*Agenda of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Bucharest

*Romania will not enter into a new agreement with the IMF after 2015

*Over 5,800 Green House Program beneficiaries receive funding

*Danube flash flood might reach Romania on May 25th

20.05.2014 18:13
Monday, May 19th Monday, May 19th

* American Vice-President Joe Biden will visit Romania, this week

* President Traian Basescu hopes that the decison on Romania's entry to Schengen Area will be made next month

* Warning for Romanian citizens traveling to Bosnia and Herzegovina

19.05.2014 14:06
Friday, May 16th Friday, May 16th

* Nearly 300 people have refused to go to work at Turnu Magurele Chemical Plant

* Romanian National Bank announces the best exchange rate for the national currency

* Attracting European funds for SMEs’ development will take effect in the second half of the year

16.05.2014 20:12
Thursday, May 15th Thursday, May 15th

*President Traian Basescu says that Romania needs a policy to strengthen agricultural areas

*Metro Union Trade protest

*Money for SMEs

*Romania has had an economic growth of 3.8 percent in the first quarter of the year

15.05.2014 18:47
Wednesday, May 14th Wednesday, May 14th

* Romania has alternatives to Russian gas and there are solutions to enhance energy security

* Nicroporos Company has announced that, starting tomorrow, the plant would not operate any longer

* 16 medicines for rare diseases will be included on the list of compensated drugs

14.05.2014 17:04
Tuesday, May 13th Tuesday, May 13th

* American Vice President Joe Biden will come to Bucharest, next week

* Romania's population declined in March, compared to the previous month

* Minister Bogdan Stanoevici met with Jews born in Romania

13.05.2014 17:15
Monday, May 12th Monday, May 12th

* Romanian-American joint military exercises in Suceava

* President Traian Basescu says that there is a need for further state reform

* Romanian representatives were ranked 12th at Eurovision Song Contest

12.05.2014 17:13
Friday, May 9th Friday, May 9th

* Europe Day

* Jail sentence of former Romanian PM Adrian Năstase upheld

* Earthquake in western Romania

* Romania in the Eurovision Song Contest final

9.05.2014 13:01
Thursday, May 8th Thursday, May 8th

* Six Canadian CF-18 Hornet fighter jets at Romania's 71st Air Base in Câmpia Turzii

* Romanian police expected to fight tax evasion in baking industry

* Romanian judge under preventive arrest

8.05.2014 13:18
Wednesday, May 7th Wednesday, May 7th

*Complaints submitted by the President and Prime Minister at the Constitutional Court

*The first edition of GAUDEAMUS Book Fair in Oradea

7.05.2014 16:34
Tuesday, May 6th Tuesday, May 6th

* Government will notify the Constitutional Court about the involvement of the President in the election campaign

* Victor Ciorbea has been sworn in office as Ombudsman

* Government has provided first relief goods to flood victims

* Chevron began drilling for shale gas exploration in Siliștea Pungesti

6.05.2014 18:31
Monday, May 5th Monday, May 5th

* Premier Ponta about convening a meeting of the Supreme Council of National Defense

* Government aims to increase employment, pensions and allowances from January 1st , 2015

* Campaign to promote electronic health records starts today

5.05.2014 12:48
Friday, May 2nd Friday, May 2nd

* Meeting Traian Basescu - Frank Rose, the American negotiator for Deveselu shield

* Romanian-Canadian military exercise scheduled at Campia Turzii Air Base

* Dräxlmaier Group will open a new factory in Pitesti, where it will hire 500 people

2.05.2014 20:03
Wednesday, April 30th Wednesday, April 30th

* Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs meets several Romanian leaders

* Prime Minister Victor Ponta said that Romania should stand beside Chisinau

* Romanian Foreign Minister, Titus Corlatean, attended a conference on Europe at the Atlantic Council, in Washington

30.04.2014 19:44
Tuesday, April 29th Tuesday, April 29th

* War Veterans Day

* Banks in Romania expect to intensify lending in the coming period

* National Agency for Employment announces vacancies

29.04.2014 17:19
Monday, April 28th Monday, April 28th

* Government will increase the budget of the Ministry of Defense

* Romania welcomes the lifting of visas for Moldovan citizens

* Two short films by the “Little Stars” School, selected at Cannes Film Festival

28.04.2014 16:44
Friday, April 25th Friday, April 25th

*European election campaign starts in Romania on Friday

*Future plans of SEECP Romanian Presidency

*Former ASF chief sent to court

*Open job fair in 23 counties

25.04.2014 16:46
Thursday, April 24th Thursday, April 24th

* Orange Code warnings for eight counties in southern Romania

* Romanian tennis champ Ilie Năstase to run for Senate seat

* Romanian musician Romeo Vanica dies at 69

24.04.2014 14:27
Wednesday, April 23rd Wednesday, April 23rd

* USS Taylor frigate heading towards the Black Sea

* Yellow Code warnings in southern Romania

* Shakespeare's Globe Theatre London to open Romania's International Shakespeare Festival in Craiova

* A Romanian short at Cannes Film Festival

23.04.2014 17:55
Tuesday, April 22nd Tuesday, April 22nd

* Three residential homes of Constantza mayor searched by DNA prosecutors

* Flood warnings

* Dutch businessmen expected to invest in Romania

* Earth Day 2014

22.04.2014 17:22
Monday, April 21st Monday, April 21st

*Romanian and Moldovan Prime Ministers will mark the elimination of the European visas for Moldovans

*Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority about gas consumption this month

*The season to visit fortified churches in Transylvania officially opened on Sunday

21.04.2014 15:21
Friday, April 18th Friday, April 18th

* President Traian Basescu asks Russian Federation to return to the commitments made in international institutions

* Romania sent to Brussels the draft partnership agreement for the new financial year 2014 - 2020

* Romania proves to be a respected and reliable partner of NATO and the United States

18.04.2014 14:26
Thursday, April 17th Thursday, April 17th

* Romania prepares for European elections

* Romanian PM Victor Ponta on board of a F-16 fighter jet

* Golden coins discovered at Cenad

17.04.2014 17:11
Wednesday, April 16th Wednesday, April 16th

* Victor Ciorbea is the new Ombudsman

* Over 16,500 jobs are vacant nationwide

* President Traian Basescu sent out a public message, on the Jewish holiday of Pesach

16.04.2014 17:11
Tuesday, April 15th Tuesday, April 15th

* President Traian Basescu visited American destroyer "USS Donald Cook"

* On average, Romanians will spend for food and Easter gifts a sum similiar to that one spent last year

* Notification for Romanians who want to travel to Israel during Jewish Easter

15.04.2014 17:06
Friday, April 11th Friday, April 11th

* Gas crisis not expected to affect Romania, PM Victor Ponta says

* French carmaker Renault is not expected to extend production in Romania

* Criminal gang dismantled by Prahova police

* Romania's DNA chief receives the International Women of Courage Award

11.04.2014 16:04
Thursday, April 10th Thursday, April 10th

* US destroyer USS Donald Cook in Black Sea waters

* Constantza mayor still under investigation but free

* Police raids in northern Moldova

* Open Doors Day at Romania's Geandarmerie

10.04.2014 14:29
Wednesday, April 9th Wednesday, April 9th

*Constantza mayor detained for alleged bribery

*Romania's Constitution Review Committee to resume procedures after April 30

*SRR Managing Board member Ileana Savu breaches incompatibility clause, ANI says

*Radio Romania's Gaudeamus Book Fair opens in Cluj-Napoca

9.04.2014 18:46
Tuesday, April 8th Tuesday, April 8th

*President Traian Băsescu calls for an investigation into the Nana farming land case

*Constantza City Hall and its mayor under investigation

*New permits for Chevron operations in Romania

*Deputy Radu Stroe to be ousted from PNL

8.04.2014 18:35
Monday, April 7th Monday, April 7th

*During his private two day visit to Israel Prime Minister Victor Ponta was received by President Shimon Peres

*American combat aircraft F-16 will be involved in exercises in Romanian national airspace

*Rovana Plumb: Government wants a real increase in the number of employees

7.04.2014 17:35
Friday, April 4th Friday, April 4th

* European Investment Bank, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and World Bank finance Comarnic - Brasov motorway

* Council of Europe's Commissioner for Human Rights visits Romania

* Romania participates with 24 inventions at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva

4.04.2014 19:29
Thursday, April 3rd Thursday, April 3rd

* Talks between the Speaker of the Romanian Senate and his French counterpart

* Romania’s minimum wage remains very low compared to other countries in the region

* Government will make decisions on the privatization of the Romtelecom company and the Romanian Post

3.04.2014 19:09
Wednesday, April 2nd Wednesday, April 2nd

*President Traian Basescu will send letters to MPs regarding the new excise tax on fuel

*A team of experts from the European Commission assesses the progress made by Romania in the field of justice

*Romanian researchers participate with over 30 inventions in the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva

*Rosia Montana Gold Corporation will lay off most employees

2.04.2014 16:26
Tuesday, April 1st Tuesday, April 1st

* Parliament has marked 10 years since Romania"s joining NATO

* Gas, fuel and cigarettes are becoming more expensive from April 1st

* The government wants to find a development solution for Oltchim plant

1.04.2014 19:11
Monday, March 31st Monday, March 31st

* Romanian Foreign Minister on a visit to Chisinau

* Government will return four cents out of the 7 cents representing the fuel excise

* Romania has the best allies in terms of national security

31.03.2014 12:43
Friday, March 28th Friday, March 28th

*Romanian National Bank has decided to maintain the monetary policy rate at 3.5 percent per year

*Managers count on the growth in manufacturing, construction and trade industries

*Over 5 million pensioners in Romania

*Health Ministry plans to increase the role of family physicians in early detection of cancer

28.03.2014 18:10
Thursday, March 27th Thursday, March 27th

*President Traian Băsescu calls a CSAȚ emergency meeting

*Mișu Negrițoiu may be the next ASF president

*4.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Romania's Vrancea county

*An exhibition of "Romania's Treasures" in China

27.03.2014 13:34
Wednesday, March 26th Wednesday, March 26th

*President Traian Basescu asks again Prime Minister to give up the introduction of excise duty on fuel

*The mayor of Bucharest visits Jerusalem

*Chinese specialists will be involved in building a high-speed line in Romania

26.03.2014 16:43
Tuesday, March 25th Tuesday, March 25th

* The Venice Commission favours a draft law allowing a review of Romanian Constitution

* PM Victor Ponta met TVR President - Director General Stelian Tănase

* Simple motion against Romanian Cabinet

* INS figures

25.03.2014 17:52